Education is as much about creating or signposting to high quality resources as it is about raising awareness of the donor conceived experience in the public domain. DCUK were part of the team who created the ‘Preparing Donors for Contact’ which will be available under our resources section soon.

DCUK plans to enrich the work of the Donor Conception Network and other fertility journey stakeholders and influencers to encourage openness and transparency by amplifying the voices of those affected by historical medical, legal and regulatory decisions ensuring that the retrospective agenda is not forgotten.

2023 was an extraordinary year for media enquiries due to the new ‘Open ID at 18’ cohort of donor conceived people who are affected by the 2005 law change. When donor conception is reported about, it is common for the donor conceived voice to not be included, the story to be sensationalist or even too light hearted. It is felt that the human interest element can be brought into a segment and story, but that the experience can be kept quite surface level and rarely allows for the complexity of the DC experience to breathe.

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