Our Community

We are a growing community that has a presence online and also face-to-face. We have a wide range of members with a wide range of experiences of and opinions about being donor conceived or former donors. Everyone is free to have and share their own experiences. What unites us is that, we can all understand and relate to each other, in a way that those that have not been impacted directly by donor conception cannot. 

​The DCR Facebook group has now rebranded as Donor Conceived UK and is private group, meaning no-one apart from those also in the group can see that you are a member of it or see any of the activity within the group. By joining the group you can get access to other people in a similar position who can understand and relate to you and your experience in a safe environment. We welcome donor conceived people over 18 conceived in the UK and former donors who donated at least 18 years ago.

​We have face-to-face meetings twice a year (normally Spring and Autumn) to go through the formalities such as monitoring the DCR, OTR and DSL services and keeping everyone up to date with what’s been going on. After the meetings we like to have a more informal conversation with other registrants in a local public house.

​We also have some social events where there is no formal meeting. These are another chance to come along to an informal meet up, to catch up with old friends, meet some other donor conceived people or donors and share experiences.